(German for "fox hole"; German pronunciation: [FOOCHS'bow])

Like a fox in its hole planning their next move, Fuchsbau is strategizing and executing products in the new world media.

What so far has left the Bau:


Gaming platform in Southeast Asia connecting gamers, content providers, broadcasters and fans involved in the gaming scene. A platform to read and watch news about recent happenings combined with high quality articles and hardware reviews from esport focused brands.

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Fuchsbau Media

Strategizing and developing marketing and advertisement possibilities throughout the web. We bring partners, clients and audiences together with targeted, fair priced and individually tailored packages. Fuchsbau Media connects your brand with the growing South East Asian market.


Who's sitting in the Fuchsbau?

Matthias Beyer

Executive Capitalist

With background in e-sports, banking and number crunching Matthias is responsible for filling our pockets and bringing food on the table.

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Markus Stefanko

Executive Technologist

As relentless technology nomad with a long-lasting experience in electronic-sports, web and travel technology, Markus is responsible for transfering pixels to our visitors devices.

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